Friday, 19 August 2011

Resolution about what this blog is about.

Today I sprinted! It was painful and glorious and now my calves are killing me. Feet too. Ow. We did 10 (ish) ten-yard sprints (five flying starts, five dead starts) 5 (ish) 40-yard sprints, and then the killers: 2 100-yard sprints. Yeouch. My calves have been sore for about a week now because I *finally* started doing what I have purported to do in this blog the entire time: run.
See, lately P-dazzle and I have been focusing on strength workouts. This is in part out of laziness and in part because once we get the weights out, both of us lift, and we put the weights back, we've already killed two hours and the world outside of fitness is imposing its demands and strictures upon us with stuff like showering before going to work.
Anyway, I've started to talk the talk and run I've just been doing a warmup jog before lifting, getting a feel for the new Vibrams (which I broke in and got extremely dirty on a hike last week), and trying to develop a technique akin to the POSE method. Who knew running had to be so complicated? The first time I took off on a warm up jog, which was a little under a mile long, I realized how great running feels and how much I've been missing it. Before this summer, I'd worked myself up to 3.5 miles and was feeling good about it. I haven't run that distance all summer, unfortunately, and I think that I've suffered for it in more ways than one. Much better athletes and runners have said this before me, but it really does affect my mood. So, now I'm renewed in my quest! It's time to start running more. I'm not planning on dropping the strength bit of training--it's been useful and gratifying--but I need to start pushing myself more. Especially since I started this blog with a deadline: February = 13 miles. Hoo boy.

So, sprints were good, I've been active, and I've been improving in my lifting! Just so I can gloat, I'm going to list my lifting stats as they stand now:

Back squat: 95 lbs (almost 100!)
Dead lift: 120 lbs
Bench: 65 lbs
Overhead Press: 50 lbs
Power clean: 75 lbs

To the seasoned lifter, this probably isn't much, but weight lifting like this is something I've never tried before, and it's been an incredible source of empowerment for me. It's nice to share these stats now with everyone--it feels like a motivator to improve so I can show you all the work I've been able to do. It's incredibly humbling at times because it is incredibly difficult, but it's also pretty cool to feel yourself push 95 extra pounds up with your back. Someday soon it'll be even more.

Thanks for reading, folks.

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  1. Wonderful! You are an inspiration, Joy, and I can hardly wait to get out there and run, too!